windows phone

Wexley was tasked with creating an event to establish the new Windows Phone software and hardware poised to take on the competition.  With our desire to land this product differentiation with our target audience and make a statement that Windows Phone had arrived, we built a 6-story phone in New York City’s Herald Square that brought “Live Tiles” to life using a combination of programmed technology, crowd interaction, bands, performers and actors. 

Big Ass Phone

The BAP featured massive LED screens which allowed us to replicate the UI of the phone. In order to bring the live tiles to life the panels of the LEDs opened, revealing a stage where our actors brought the app or feature area of the phone being showcased to life.


Some results were press coverage and social media dialogue with a total reach of 263.5 Million. Tweets to the phone: 18,000. Views on YouTube: 912,000. Direct-to-consumer engagement onsite: 5,000+ attendees; 1,000+ product demos given over the course of the day. The event accounted for 80% of sales that day at local T-Mobile store.