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I CAME INTO ADVERTISING AS AN ARCHITECT GONE WRONG. After owning and operating my own metal design and fabrication business, I went to work for Wexley School for Girls. I brought along a maker mentality and the drive to bring creative vision to life. As a producer I applied that mentality to projects, as Production Director to a department, and finally as a PARTNER, to the advertising agency as a whole.

My intention with this portfolio is to highlight my passion for bringing creative ideas to life. Within this portfolio you will see 20 years of demonstrated experience stewarding ideas from beginning to end across the industries of Advertising, Architecture, Design and Fabrication.

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What this portfolio of projects cannot show, is that I am a collaborator at heart who strives to inspire and lead with conviction and authenticity. I value team effort over individual success, have a never-accept-less work ethic and a low ego-to-talent ratio. I crave pushing past my limits and trying new things. I believe a leader must have the humble confidence to take on big challenges, admit mistakes, embrace tough 360 feedback, and recover quickly with fresh solutions.   For 10 years I have been responsible for delivering a long-term vision for my team(s), a roadmap that optimized our people and a fearless willingness to defend great work.